Coastal Contacts ~ Free pair of prescription glasses, pay shipping only!!!

Glasses from Coastal Contacts

This is the FREE pair of prescription glasses I ordered for my daughter. They fit great and she has NO complaints about them.
Now if she misplaces or breaks a pair she has an extra to get her through.

And the best part is that this Thrifty Mommy just paid the shipping!

Once I placed my order they were delivered in 4 days!!! Best part … I only paid $9.95 shipping!!!

Final cart with offer code

I shared my ordering process with you here

I did get a copy of my daughters prescription and the office measured her current glasses all of this aided she and I in finding a pair that she liked and would work for her.  🙂

Coastal contacts Rx glasses for FREE


  1. The feedback (and our own personal experiences) we receive here have always been very positive. I’m sure if you ask on here people would be willing to answer how they feel about it. 🙂

  2. i keep trying to claim this but it tries to charge me like $40 fora silver package of thin lenses:( how do i opt out of that to just pay for shipping?

  3. Ingard,
    we tried this, they make us get the $39.95 lens package due to his prescription, its that or the more expensive one. Do you think there is any way around this? they only took off $48 so i am still paying $50 and thats for the cheapest pair i could find.  Thanks

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