Cool Thrifty fun at Cabela’s with the family

Summer is in full swing, well actually it is half over (boy it has gone quick).  I am always looking for thrifty fun things to do with the kids.   Matthew does not handle the heat very well with his heart, so we are always looking for “cool” fun.  We had to make a quick trip to Cabela’s in Boise to get a few things for Matt’s 50 mile hike.  We had all the kids with us, and it turned out to be a really fun trip.  Matt wondered off and did his shopping, and the kids and I were totally entertained by just walking thru the store.

The fish tanks right up front are amazing.  The kids had so much fun watching the fish fly back and forth in the tanks as they ate their food.  We got lucky and showed up during feeding time.

The kids played a quick game of “shoot the crazy deers” as Matthew called it.

We tried on some raccoon hats, had some free fudge samples and played with the pop guns.

We then talked about many of the animals they have on display and read all about them.

The kids really enjoyed seeing  these amazing animals up close.  It was funny to listed to them talk about each one and hear them say things like ” wow he didn’t brush his teeth before he went to bed” or “my favorite it the tiny chipmunk…Mommy is he going to jump on me, he looks bouncy”

They even have animals from Africa!  If you have never been to Cabela’s before you should plan a trip!

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