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IMG_1255At my local Albertsons I noticed they had several displays of Lays All  Natural  Chips.  They are on sale for buy one at $3.99 get one free.  They all had coupons taped to the front of them for $1.00 off 2…..these can be doubled.  So you can get 2 for only $1.99.  Remember double coupons are only good till tomorrow.  I am not sure if all stores have these displays up with coupons…but worth looking for.

IMG_1258Spring is just around the corner, which means BBQ and picnic time, I am always looking for a good deal on chips and $1.00 a bag is normally about as low as they go.

Before sale price or coupon these would have cost $23.94

I was able to get them all for $3.01

  • I bought 6 bags $3.99 each
  • got 3 free with store promo
  • used 3 coupons for $1.00 off 2
  • used 3 double coupons took another $3 off
  • Paid with a $3.50 catalina from fruit snack promo
  • Final price $3.01

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