Couponing = Free Milk for Grandpa

Some of you have been asking what I plan to do with all the Free milk I was able to get  this week at Albertsons.  Well most of  it we plan to drink. My kids will be excited to have unlimited milk for the next few weeks.  BUT I also gave 4 gallons plus a bag of yogurt to my Dad.

He is a Dairy Farmer but sold most the cows a few years back, due to regulations forcing all the small dairy’s to close.  He loves milk, and can easily drink a gallon of milk a day.  But since he no longer has a 1000 gallon bulk tank in the back yard, he has to cut back his milk intake.  So needless to say he was rather excited to get 4 gallons.  I have told you before that I feel blessed to be able to coupon, and the ability it gives me  to give back to others.  Some show their love by taking their parents out to eat… I show mine with a few gallons of milk 🙂

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