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Couponing gives me the freedom to have money in the bank and a mini-grocery store in our house. It’s so much fun to shop from yourself when you need an item, plus it’s a hobby that my husband and I enjoy doing together. The other thrill we get besides saving loads of money is the time we put into couponing for our adopted military base in Grafenwoehr Germany. We send them 2 huge packets twice a month. And lastly, as if all that isn’t enough, we love putting together boxes of care packages for our friends and family and others who have need. And the best part about that is that even after giving so much away we’re still blessed with having plenty for ourselves too. And did I mention how satisfying it is to help new people learn how to coupon for themselves so that they can have couponing freedom too?

Jennifer Rilatos

Couponing gives me the Freedom to satisfy my shopping addiction and SAVE at the same time, it has created a positive “SPORT” for me to play that benefits more than just my family, we donate everything to local organizations that we do not have immediate need for. Thanks!


Couponing gives me the freedom to help others without taking away from my families needs.
A friend of mine got a call about a year ago, the mother of his children was fed up and he instantly became a single dad. she left him and the children in a house with no food, rent due and she took all the money for the month with her.
Because of my couponing and stockpile i was able to feed him and all 4 of his children for the whole month. I also give to our local food bank and have many other friends and family members that know if they cant afford it, they come shop at my house.
It fills my heart with joy knowing that I can help others and have an impact on my community without breaking the bank.


Couponing has given me the freedom to breathe easier. Since becoming a stay-at-home mom couponing has been my way of being able to contribute financially to my family. It has allowed us to be debt free and have money to enjoy life.


Couponing gives me the freedom to buy name brand products that i normally can not afford.


Colleen M.

Couponing gives me the freedom to teach my children the importance of spending wisely, working with a budget, saving, and how to help others in need. Many of the items we purchase are given as donations. I never shop without my coupons!

Erin L.
Couponing gives me the opportunity to contribute to my household when I don’t make as much money as my husband. I started over 2 years ago when my income dropped and I needed a way to feel I was contributing too. I haven’t turned back since!

The first freedom couponing gives me, like most others, is that it allows me to be home with my children more. I thought I would be able to work and have children, but with my second child, it became apparent that getting up and leaving in the wee hours of the morning & coming home late at night meant I didn’t see my little angels 3-4 times a week. I very soon became quite depressed and began to resent my job. I prayed for the Lord to make a way when one didn’t seem possible. soon, a girl at work asked me to go to a couponing class with her. It was an answered prayer. The second freedom it gave me was to just believe. Walking in faith is easier. And third, it has freed me from depression to be with my children 6 days a week now instead of 3 or 4.


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