Pork Roast only 1.88 at Winco

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I was excited to see Pork Roast go on sale again at Winco for $1.88 a lb.   I have been watching the price the last few weeks waiting for it to go under $2.00.   For boneless meat I always try and wait till it is under $2.00 a lb then stock up for a few months.  I will bag it and then put it in the freezer,  I don’t like to keep it much longer than 3-4 months as it starts to get freezer burnt at that time.  I buy in bulk that way next week when I want pork, I don’t have to pay the $2.50-$4.50 a lb.  As seen in my Menu Plan, pork and chicken are the two main meats I feed my family.  My favorite way to eat it is Sweet Shredded Pork Tacos.

Before sale price depending on store this could have cost up to $35

Waiting for the sale I was able to get it all for $17.78

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