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Couponing gives me the freedom to set up my meal plans one month in advance and only have to buy meat and fresh veggies for two weeks at a time without wasting anything.

Naomi S.
Couponing gives me the freedom to stay at home to take care of my 2 kids & husband. I’m able to enjoy shopping for groceries and other things and because I’m saving money I feel really good about myself. My husband likes it too!

couponing gives me the freedom to splurge in other areas for my kids rather than blowing my budget on just groceries. my kids think coupons are so cool because it gives mommy more money to spend doing fun things with them. it is so cute to take them shopping and have them ask if i have a coupon for something they may want before they ask if we can get it. they know that if there isn’t a coupon it isn’t going in our basket:)

I really like the freedom couponing gives me to spend more on fresh produce, etc and on name brand items that I never had as a kid. Using coupons allows my family to have lots of variety in food storage. And it has taught me that there is usually a way to save on everything, just by doing a little research on sales. This goes for non-grocery items too.


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