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Couponing has afforded my family many blessings over the years. First I left my Full-time Angiography Nursing position, to Homeschool our Son. That was 5.5 years ago!

The money I was able to save using coupons enabled me to leave that position, and continue to not have to work full-time.

Couponing has also allowed my family to give beyond our means. We also have paid off $24,000 in debt on 1/2 income due largely to couponing. Now that’s freedom!


Couponing gives me the freedom to help others! I have a huge heart and I love to help people, but it’s always been hard to help when we were always on such a tight budget. With couponing, I have no problem giving away items from my stockpile because I know I didn’t pay very much for them and they are going to help someone!

Margaret P.

Couponing gave me the freedom to leave my full-time job in Washington DC when I had a baby in December. We moved back to our small hometown in NC and live on my husband’s salary (which is less than half of what we earned in the big city) so I can stay at home and raise our baby boy:)

Couponing gave me the freedom to become a stay-at-home mom when our family needed it the most. My husbands health rapidly declined the year our oldest daughter was born and by the time she was 6 months old he was on full disability and wasn’t even 30. I couldn’t take care of him, her and work so the decision was made and we have been couponing for over 5 years now and are doing well.
Couponing and stockpiling help me to save tons of money and the freedom to save and spend my money on other things that are important to me such as being able to take all our grown children and grand children on a cruise this year. I also have enough stockpiled to last a few months in case of a disaster.



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