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Couponing has given me the freedom to buy my family fun things like a day trip to our local beach. It has helped me feel like I am truly contributing to my families budget.


Couponing gives me the freedom to begin saving for a home. We are currently in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and I am saving and looking forward to a new lifestyle, a debt free existence, and my long term dream is to own my own home and every little savings brings me that much closer!


Couponing gives me freedom to know that I can feed my family on my strict $330.00 a month foodstamp budget. My spouse doesn’t make a lot of money and when you have to feed a family of 5 on food stamps alone, it gives me the peace of mind to know that I may have a little bit of extra money to buy not just what we need, but maybe what we want once in a while.

Mary LeDuc

Couponing is helping me pay off debt and to buy extra things like clothes and an occasional dinner out with my husband and 3 sons. My middle son wants karate lessons and now I feel like we can give him that.

Ashley M.

Couponing gives me the freedom to focus on expanding our family. My husband and I have been actively working with the fertility clinic in our area in hopes of find the right treatment plan to help us build our family. Since insurance only pays for diagnostic tests we are left with the increasing payments for treatments. Using coupons has allowed us to focus a little more of our budget for medical expenses.


Couponing is helping my husband of 10 months and I begin our marriage on firm financial ground. We have a balanced budget that uses only his income so that if God blesses us with a child, I’ll be able to stay at home. Meanwhile, we’re saving for emergency funds, a car that will need to be replaced, and home improvement projects. Coupons have really helped with those goals!

“Couponing Freedom” is exactly what it has given me! Since starting to coupon I have freedom to spend extra time with my family doing fun things rather than spend it on full priced groceries. I would spend 100 dollars at the gorcery store on one meal but now that has all changed since starting my stockpile. I have the Freedom to enjoy life with my loved ones and not fret if we are passing that weeks budget.It also has enriched my life by feeling the satisfaction of personally saving my family money!!



I have been couponing about 3 months now and have gotten significant savings at several stores.  We now have 4 people in braces:  myself, my husband, our 15-year-old son, and soon our 12-year-old daughter.  We need to find $400 a month out of our 1-income budget to pay for braces for the next 16 months.  With coupons, I’m hoping to be able to keep a large portion of our income in our checking account and pay cash for these braces every month.


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