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Each day we will be posting our readers “Couponing gives me the Freedom to…” At the end of the month,

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Couponing gives me the freedom to TRAVEL! I was just able to take a two week trip to Spain, a dream come true for me, to celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary with my husband. I used my coupon savings to save 15.oo per week for FIVE years to go towards this trip and was able to pay with cash for everything we did. Then, I saved all of our coins for 5 years and was able to have 389.11 of spending money just by saving my pennies! It was a glorious time of re-establishing our marriage which is the foundation of our family. Thank you Couponing for giving me a dream of traveling to Spain (where my ancestors are from) and for the gift of celebrating my marriage.


Couponing has helped me to get more on groceries. My fiance was on workman’s comp, and we had a few problems with insurance’s and his work, for a while he wasn’t getting paid at all, so it helped me cut down the grocery bill so that we can afford to buy all the things that we need and pay the bills. There are 4 adults we were buying groceries for because we were helping out family. I am so thankful for the coupons I have found.
Also it’s inspired me to look for ways to donate, I am planning on overloading on pet supplies and making a donation to my local spca soon, now he’s getting a pay check again.


Couponing gives me the freedom to go to a store, spend a little money and not feel bad about it.


I am a single mom on a limited income. I am new to couponing and learning how to coupon and then continuing to do so month after month has allowed me to provide for my family. It has also taught me how to begin stockpile slowly to continue to provide us. This has been a blessing in a way that I could never have imagined. It is exciting to get the free milk and be able to use catalinas to continue with other purchases.
I am blessed to be able to stretch my dollars to provide quality food for my family and create a stockpile for later use at the same time!! Thank you to all who provide tips for us!


Couponing has given my sister and I the ability to take out no more student loans for the last two years of our college. I knew paying my way through college, along with all the typical bills of life, would be difficult. However, since couponing, my sister and I have been able to save enough money to cover the college costs out-of-pocket. We each work at least two jobs at a time, along with going to school full time, and we both feel so refreshed to no longer add to the debt of school. It isn’t easy, but every little bit helps!


Couponing has given us the freedom to choose a school for my son and pay for activities for him to do. While he is only in nursery school, I didn’t feel “boxed in” to only look at a few schools that we could afford, instead, because we use coupons for almost everything, we had some freedom and know that we are doing the best for him! It’s an awesome feeling! Thanks for your blog, you are changing lives!


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