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Couponing gives me the freedom to keep my son at home with me this summer instead of paying a daycare. I am self employed so I make my own hours, but now I don’t worry about money so much!

Victoria Ortega

Couponing gives me the freedom to help save my family money. I am new at couponing and am only 16. I do most of it on my own; cutting coupons, finding great deals, and making our shopping list planned out. Because of couponing I know that when I goto college next year I will be able to get everything on my own since I have more knowledge on how to save money. So far I have saved my family over $1500 while spending under $400. I will just keep getting better at it and save my family more money!


Couponing gives our my spouse and I the freedom to pay more on the student loans from graduate school so we can be debt free sooner

Jason Loucks

Couponing WILL give me the freedom to use the extra money on Weight Watchers so I can become more healthier and save on the foods I will need to eat once on WW!


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