Couponing Gives Me The Freedom To…..

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It is a new month so time for a new series. Couponing has received some negative press the last few months since the TLC show Extreme Couponing as been on.  My mind set has been that there is ALWAYS going to be good and bad in all things.  You can choose to focus on the negative which is many times something you have no control over or…. you can spend your time and energy focusing on the blessings and freedom couponing can give your family.

As you know couponing is not a crazy fad for me, instead it is a way of life.  I am not extreme, just consistent and committed to saving my families hard earned money. Couponing provides me the freedom to save my family money allowing me to be a stay at home mom.  I often say  COUPONING gives me the freedom to raise my children, instead of sending them to daycare.  It give me the freedom to Menu Plan from the thrifty deals I have in my pantry.  I have the freedom to give to others freely and teach my children to giveback.  The list goes on and on….

So we want to hear from you this month….


Some of you are saving for something special such as voice lessons, summer camps, a new car…. while others are doing it simply to make ends meet, or to save their home.

Please take a moment and share with us the Freedom or blessings couponing has given you.  I look forward to being uplifted and inspired by your comments.

At the end of the month, one random comment (on this post) will win a $25 gift card, so we invite you to share your  tips with us! You might just win!


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