Coupons make me a better mom because……

Coupons make me a better Moms because…. I leave the room to change the little ones diaper.  I hear my kids laughing,  I come back into the room to see my oldest has helped himself to a LITTLE ranch to go along with his pizza.  It has been a LONG day… I am sleep deprived, tired, overworked and unappreciated…. my blood is boiling and I WANT TO POP A GASKET!  The last thing I want to do is clean up another mess and waste money.  I take a deep breath, and repeat in my head over and over……It is only salad dressing and it was free with coupons…..It is only salad dressing and it was free with coupons.  I then grab my camera to take a picture to give me a few more seconds before “I go a-wall” , the pictures help me remember it’s not funny now but I will think it’s  funny next week.

I then have time to realize he was trying to be “big” and help himself.  I can then deal with it like a civilized adult…instead of a Mom that is about to loose it over a little spilled dressing. 🙂

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