Courageous ~ a film worth watching!

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Courageous $16.99 (was $30.99)

So this week Matt asked me to pick up a movie that he had reserved at Redbox.  The machine was having issues and would not release the movie Matt had reserved online, instead it spit out this movie Courageous…. I had never heard of the movie before.  Feeling a   little frustrated that I just paid for a movie I didn’t really want, I gave up and came home.  Well later that night we got the kids in bed and got ready to have “Date night at home”, snuggled up on the couch and decided to watch this movie since we paid for it.

I have said this before, but I am not really a huge fan of most movies or tv for that matter.  Maybe it is my conservative nature but most the time  when I watch a movie I say ” it was ok but I would not recommend it”.  I feel frustrated by the lack of values and morals  most forms of entertainment have.

We started the movie and soon realized it was a christian based film, hmmm maybe my Redbox mix up wasn’t so bad after all.  Sure this film was  a bit cheesy at some moments, but it also had us rolling with laughter, wiping our eyes with heartfelt moments and holding our breath.  I enjoyed every minute of it, it made me think about the choices I am making in my own life… and left me wanting to strengthen my family and be a better mom.   After watching this film Matt and I has some really good conversation and where our priorities are, and ways be can make sure we are putting our family first.

So  rarely do I recommend a movie but I would encourage you to find time to watch this inspiration film, You can get it a Redbox for only $1 rental and maybe even have it part of your home movie collection amazon has  Courageous  for only $16.99 (was $30.99)!

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