Cracker Barrel coupon for $5 off $20

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Thanks to Saving your Cents for passing this along,

Cracker Barrel has a program called “Front Porch Friends”. It’s a rewards program that gives you an insight to new menu items, store offerings, exclusive products, and special rewards for being a member.

How It Works:

The “Welcome Reward”: Just for signing up you will receive a coupon for $5 off of your next purchase of $20 or more!

The “Seasonal Reward”: Visit the store 4 times or spend $100 in a 3-month season and enjoy your choice of one of three hand-picked rewards.

The “Legends Reward”: Earn a second seasonal reward by visiting 10 times in a single month!

The next time you visit your local Cracker Barrel be sure to pick up your rewards card brochure!

Once you have the card there are 4 ways to register…

1. Online at
2. Text “Friend” to 22627
3. Call the automated toll-free line at 1-877-291-8858
4. You can also register in the store. Once you pick up the brochure just simply fill out the form on the back and turn it in!

While I don’t plan on being a “Legend” rewards member my family does occasionally visit our local Cracker Barrel store! I love the $5/$20 reward! One of the gifts I give my grandparents each year is a gift card to Cracker Barrel! I will be signing them up for this too! Love their front porch clearance sales! I wonder if the rewards program will alert us to these sales!

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