Critical Thinking ~ FREE Kindle Book (was $40.00)

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Update *** price is now back up to $14.95 šŸ™

critical thinking free kindle book

Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal LifeĀ FREE (was $40.00)


These can be taken off the free list and return to normal price at any momentĀ so donā€™t hesitate.

Remember you donā€™t have to have aĀ KindleĀ to read these,Ā these are digital so you can read them on your PC orĀ iPad. Ā You canĀ download Kindle for your PC hereĀ then you can read it on your home computer.

To view the huge selection of Kindle books click here.

If a Kindle has been on your wishlist you can now get one as low asĀ $79.00Ā 

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