Crochet Soda Cap bracelet

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Andrea at Coco Candi sent us this thrifty craft project. Looks simple and cute:

I stole this idea a lady on Crocheting Club on Facebook. I then decided to figure it out and make a tutorial for those of you that might want to make it too. This is about a 30 minute project and I used a size 5/ F hook.

Collect approximately 13 Tabs for soda cans.
Be sure that the little circle in the center has been removed.
Choose your yarn.
Line up the tabs one on top of the other, staggered
Two double crochet in each two tabs.
The tricky part is holding the tabs while trying to double crochet through them. Just be patient.
When you are finished with the top side connect with a slip stitch and then move to the bottom side.
Put it on and enjoy!

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