Cupid Arrow Valentines, Quick, Easy, Great Craft For Class Parties! #DIY

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Cupid Arrow Valentines, Quick, Easy, Great For Class Parties!

It is that time of year again, time to get those Valentine’s ready for your child’s class.  These are a great option, with very little work and inexpensive as can be!

You will need:


Heart candy ( I used Palmer’s chocolate ones)


Hot glue

Begin by poking your skewer in the top of the heart candy.  Doesn’t have to go in very far, just enough to secure it.  After you have done that begin warming your hot glue gun.

Cut the paper into diamond shape like so.

cupid's arrow valentines, #craft, #thriftycraft, #valentinesday, #thriftyvalentine, #chocolate, #arrow, #cupid, #easyvalentine

Once you have cut the paper into diamonds, you will want to cut the outer edge to give it a fringe.  Just like the top of an arrow.

cupid's arrow valentines, #thriftycraft, #craft, #valentinesday, #thriftyvalentine, #chocolate, #arrow, #cupid, #easyvalentine

I realize that on the one I took photos of I messed up and cut the one side upside down.  Oops!  Oh well, it still looks cute, and the kids will probably not even notice!

Now you want to hot glue that on to your skewer.  Use a thin line of glue to prevent it from showing and squeezing out the sides.

That is it!  This would be great to tie a tag with a saying around the middle to personalize for each child.  Or keep it simple like I did and make them generic so that your child can hand them out to whomever!  I love that these are cute, and more fun then a boxed card, yet still inexpensive and easy to throw together.

cupid's arrow valentines, #thriftycraft, #craft, #valentinesday, #thriftyvalentine, #arrow, #chocolate, #cupid, #easyvalentine


  1. Skewers are definitely not going to fly in a school. This would work well with the paper straws or cardboard cake pop sticks. You would just need to glue or tape the candy on. I think the paper straws with a valentine pattern would be really cute!

  2. Hmmm. Good point. I guess you would have to check into that before you made them for school BUT they would great for a party at home. 🙂

  3. my kids school won’t allow toothpicks, so I’m positive they won’t allow skewers. cute idea though!

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