Cyber Monday – Mini Helicopter for small kids must see

Do you have a little one that loves to play like the big kids, and play with the big kids toys but is still too little to control them? This little helicopter is just perfect! There is only an “ON” switch and then the flight controls are by placing a paddle or your hand under it. That is was tells it to go higher. This is just awesome for a young one wanting to be a big kid but not having to need all of the dexterity to control the toys.

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1 thought on “Cyber Monday – Mini Helicopter for small kids must see”

  1. judithjudith

    <a href=””>mini helikopter</a>must be presented as a gift.Because it provide great fun and are great for gifts as they are very easy to fly, can be flown indoors. They fly up and down, left and right, forward and backward and turn and have that make it more stable.

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