Day of the Dead wax warmer

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Day of the Dead wax warmer

No dangerous flame from candles when you use this Day of the Dead wax warmer. Keep your house smelling yummy with scented wax cubes that gently melt in this warmer.

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The ScentSationals Day of the Dead, Dia de Los Muertos, Full Size Wax Warmer brings style and functionality to your home. It gently melts scented wax, releasing aromatic scents that fill an entire room with inviting warmth. It produces a soft glow from the holes at the top of the warmer when plugged in. The soft 25W light provides a relaxing, decorative atmosphere and melts your choice of fragrance wax cubes. The fragrance wax warmer creates a relaxing atmosphere while giving you a safe heat source to melt your choice of fragrance wax melts (sold separately). The use of an electric light makes this a safe way to heat your fragrance with no soot or residue. This ScentSationals, Dia de Los Muertos, Wax Warmer is perfect for adding the right amount of ambience and fragrance to your space.