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I got one as a gift. First of all there was suppose to be a number to register it with but I never got one. They say the battery will last for 2 weeks. I got it brand new and it only lasted 3 to 4 days. I emailed them about the issue and they didn’t respond after they said they will look up my gifter’s transaction with them on Jan.10th so I asked them if they found it yet. They responded Jan. 20 and said they sent me a new battery. I get a new email Feb. 3 saying… Read more »

Thanks for the reviews on GT SONIC TOOTHBRUSH, it was too detailed review…..
There are some top brands of electronic toothbrush, when I checked on Amazon…
Sonicare Advance 4100
Philips Sonicare Elite e9800
The Sonicare Essence 5300
The Oral B Pulsonic
And others.. I have also written reviews on top electronic toothbrushes..http://www.google.com/url?q=http://usemyreviews.com/electric-toothbrush-reviews/&usd=2&usg=ALhdy29aZgFOp-GfSfVHEuDReBdYoBhrwA


Love the way a sonic toothbrush leaves my teeth. It reminds me of when I have had a dental cleaning. Always love saving money too.


You always make me laugh not harder just better… going to remember that one.


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