Deals at Target & Albertsons

Thanks to Jennifer for passing this along!

*  I was at the Nampa Target this evening to get some cereal and saw they have a freezer full of the Tony’s single serve pizza’s for $1/each.  With the $.50/1 coupon from the newspaper that makes them $.50/each.  These are nice to have on hand for emergency dinners and after school snacks.

*  At Albertson’s the Tyson Anytizers are on sale for $2.50/box.  With the $1.50/1 coupon we received they are $1/each.  I looked at a couple of other places  and the best price I could find besides this sale at Albertson’s was $2.69.  I fixed some today for my kids after school and the boneless buffalo wings really are the better deal.  There are only 5 of the BBQ chicken wings in the box but there are 10-12 of the boneless buffalo wings.  My kids loved them and it was a quick and easy after school snack.

*  Also, I noticed that the Rhodes warm & serve rolls are still $2.69 and will be for awhile longer (I think through the end of November or December).  That will give anybody who hasn’t used their $1/1 coupon a chance to use them with doublers and get them for $.69/each before the price goes back up.  These are so good!  They do not have to be thawed out before baking.  Just pre-heat the oven and throw them in!

*  Another deal I wanted to make sure everybody knew about was the Nestle Toll House cookie dough.  They are 2/$6 through the end of the year.  If you wait until we get more doublers you can get them free if you do the following scenario:

Transaction #1:

3 packages cookie dough
– $1/1 coupon from 11/1
– 3 doublers
= $3 OOP + tax

Transaction #2:

2 packages cookie dough
– $1/1 coupon from 11/1
– 2 doublers
= $2 OOP + tax

Receive a $5 rebate by mailing a 3 x 5 card with your name and address clearly printed and your receipt(s) – do NOT have to be on 1 transaction – postmarked no later than 11/19/09 to:

Real Simple
“Holiday Savings $5 Rebate Offer”
c/o USSC
625 Panorama Trail
Bldg. 2, Suite 100
Rochester, NY  14625

After rebate – FREE cookie dough

If you go to you can see the other items that qualify for the $5 rebate when you purchase $15 or more.

Because of the $5 rebate it would be great if they went on sale somewhere else for $1.50/each because then this would be a moneymaker!  I personally have a good stock to I’m willing to wait and see if there’s a better deal at WalMart, WinCo or Fred Meyer.  If you know of a great deal, please share!

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