DIY and Hacks ~ Fourth of July Tie Dye or Burlap Banner, Easy cored Strawberries and Monster Claws

Fourth of July diy, Monster and strawberry stemmingFun, creative ideas for you and kids.
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Kitchen hacks, Stawberry recipes made easy HOW TO CORE A STRAWBERRY WITH A PLASTIC STRAW, this is such a cool trick and perfect for kids helping in the kitchen   .Core a Strawberry with a STRAW!

Tie-dye-Shirts-with-sharpie-markers-make-Fire-Work-shirts-for-the-4th-of-July-all-you-need-is-a-sharpie-and-a-spraybottle-TieDie-DIY-Crafts-Kids-Firework Tie Dye Shirt

patriotic burlap banner, perfect for the 4th of July, banner, burlap, paint, patriotic crafts, 4th of July crafts, thrifty crafts, thrifty craft ideasPatriotic Burlap Banner

diy monster claws, easy costume idea, thrifty costume, easy costume, claws, monster hands, thrifty monster costumeMonster Claws to go with the DIY Monster Horns