DIY Box Top holder

DIY Box Top holder

Collect Box Tops For Education for your kid’s school in this cute DIY Box Top holder. Make one for home and for your teacher.

DIY Box Top holder

If you have a school age child, chances are you have heard about Box Tops for Education. I spent 9 years as the “box top lady” for my kid’s school so I admit I am a little bit obsessed with making sure these little money makers don’t get thrown away. Each box top with the little logo is worth 10 cents. It may not sound like much, but when all the students are collecting them, they really add up quickly. I wanted to make a cute collection container for home and one for my son’s teacher. I really love the way these turned out.

You will need:

Pringles container (Empty and wiped out) For the home one I used a snack size container my kid’s ate at Grandma’s house. For the classroom one, I just bought a large tube of Pringles and let the kids eat them.

2 sheets of Solid color card stock in your choice of colors. Something like this kind is perfect because it is double sided in a lighter and darker version of the same color.

Glue (I started out with a tape gun, but after a couple of days it came off. I ended up going with a hot glue gun to make sure it would stay)

Scissors and xacto knife

Black vinyl scraps or black paper to make the optional end designs.

Here’s how

Begin by cutting a small strip of paper in the darker crayon color. I glued that on first around the bottom. Now take your lighter color and wrap it around gluing snuggly.

Take the darker color again and cut an almost half circle. You will have to play around with this to get it the size you want it. I didn’t want it to be as tall for the small crayon as I did for the tall one.  Use the xacto knife to cut a slot in for the box tops.  Make it thick because some box tops really are thicker than others. I also used the xacto to cut the plastic off of the lid leaving just a little bit to glue the paper onto.

Hot glue your crayon tip onto the outside of the lid.

Now cut your vinyl. I did use my Silhouette to cut out the wavy design and the oval with the words in it, but you could easily do the lines by hand too.

That is it. Now you can easily take the lid on and off to empty or add large amounts of box tops to it. This will be a cute accent to a classroom to remind kids to donate their box tops.

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