6 Great, Easy Ways To Earn Money For Your School! #Schools #Tips

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Great, Easy Ways To Earn Money For Your School!

Now that school has started, we begin to think about helping out our children’s schools.  Unfortunately, although schools really, really deserve our money, most of us don’t have much to donate!  There is hope though!  There are little ways that you can donate to your school that take little effort at all!

1. Box Tops for Education  I am the Box Top coordinator for my child’s school.  If you are not collecting them, you are missing a great opportunity!  Box Tops are on so many products and many of them are things that you already buy!  Especially if you are a couponer.  Chances are high that you have these all through your pantry.  They are simple.  You clip them off and give them to your school.  Simple right?  Just make sure you donate them before they expire!

2. Labels for Education Another great way to donate to your school.  Labels for Education have been around for years!  I remember turning in soup labels as a kid, and that was ages ago ;)!  The only difference between now and then is the portion that you save.  Instead of saving the front of your soup label, there is a portion on the back with the UPC code.  You have to save the UPC code or it is worthless to the school!  I can’t tell you how many I have had to throw away when they are turned in with the Box Tops because the student or parent has cut off the UPC code and hasn’t turned it in!  So sad really!

3. My Coke Rewards Did you know that you can donate your coke rewards points to your child’s school?!  How great is that!  Really, even if you buy coke and don’t usually redeem your points, why not take that extra moment and donate those points to your child’s school?  If your child’s school isn’t registered, it only takes a second to do!

4. Tyson Project A+ I don’t think many people know about this one!  If you ever buy Tyson products you have these.  I have a huge pile of them that I have been collecting that are turned in at the school.  It takes a lot before they can be submitted, but they donate cash to the school, and every little bit helps!

5. Target Take Charge For Education If you have a Target card you can be doing this with no effort whatsoever!  All you have to do is sign up your school and they will donate a portion of your purchases back to your registered school.  Beware that it is a credit card, but many people already have them, so if you are using your Target card, sign up for your kids’ school!

6. Shoparoo This is my new favorite, painless way to donate!  This app is great!  Download it to your phone, they have it for Apple and Android.  All you do (once you register) is take a photo of your receipt and earn points that add up earning money for your school.  Plus if you get people to sign up under you, it makes the size of the donation even larger with bonus points!  We all shop, so why not just take a photo of your receipts and get some money for your school?

So there you have it!  My favorite ways to give back without spending any extra cash!  Spread the news to your school, share the post, but get the word out and get saving for your school!

great ways to earn money for your school, #donations, #tips, #boxtopsforeducation, #boxtops, #souplabels, #school, #thriftywaystohelp


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