DIY Christmas Ornament~ Minion~ Made with Nail Polish

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DIY Christmas Ornament~ Minion~ Made with Nail Polish

Here is an easy tutorial on how to make a personalized ornament for someone on your Christmas list that loves the Minions from Despicable Me.

You will need:

Clear glass bulb ornament Not opaque

Yellow nail polish ( any brand, but try to stay away from dollar store brands as they don’t coat as well)

black yarn

small amount of either vinyl, electrical tape, or paint

A small bowl/ cup that the ornament can rest on the mouth of.


DIY Christmas ornament~ minion, #minion, #despicableme, #nailpolish, #diy, #ornament, #christmas, #christmasornament, #thriftygiftidea, #thrifty

Begin by taking the top off of your ornament.  Poor a small amount of your nail polish in and swirl it around.  Be careful not to tip it too far and spill it out on yourself.  If you need more, add it in very small amounts.  Too much will just drip out and be wasted.

diy Christmas ornament~ minion, #despicableme, #minion, #diy, #thriftygiftidea, #thrifty, #glassornament, #christmas, #christmasornament, #ornament

Once you have it covered well, place it on the mouth of  a cup/ bowl that it will rest on without touching the bottom.  One you don’t plan on using for food again.  Leave it there for 24-48 hours.  This Avon polish was a fairly thin coat, and was dry in the 24 hours.  Others I have done, have taken longer.

diy christmas ornament~minion, #minion, #dsepicableme, #diy, #ornament, #christmas, #christmasornament, #gift, #thrifty

Once it is dry, you may begin making your minion’s face.  My ornaments were 2 1/3 inches each.  I needed very small amounts.  Since I had vinyl scraps on hand I used them, but using paint would also look nice.  If your glass ball ornaments are bigger, you may be able to use electrical tape for the strap of the goggles to save yourself some time.  I cut a small 1/2 inch oval out of white vinyl.  I wanted some of my yellow to show (like an eye lid) between the eye and the goggle.  I cut an oval the same size out of black for the mouth.  You could use electrical tape for this, the goggle strap, and the pupil.  Using grey vinyl I cut out the goggle.  If you don’t have a craft cutter, which I used, you could trace a 3/4 inch circle (or use a punch) out of  duck tape, and then lay the white eye on top of it (maybe cut it out of address labels or paint it on top with craft paint).  My minion has a brown eye and a black pupil, though it is hard to tell in the photo.  Be creative and use supplies you have on hand.  I really think it would look nice painted on. Before I had the ability to cut vinyl from home,  I did eyes using a pencil eraser, gives you a perfect circle that way!

To get your minion some hair, cut a couple small strands of black yarn.  Tie them around where your hook will go.  Add a small dot of hot glue to the base of that circle and stick your yarn to it.  Now you have a collectible, personal gift for someone close to you.  Guaranteed to  bring a smile to their face each time they see it!

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    Hey Janet, I think I may need to make these for the boys’ 2013 ornaments!

  5. Amber Lynn Bundy

    Wondering if silver and black sharpie’s would work instead of the vinyl….

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    i’ve tried to use acrylic paint in plastic ornaments with poor results.

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    Chris Dixon, I have heard yellow acrylic paint cracks and falls off, but some ppl have had luck with it. It’s worth a shot

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