DIY Flower Hair Clips for Under $1 ~ Money Saving Fashion Idea

DIY Flower hair Clips for under a dollar

Have you seen these cute flower clips and head bands at boutiques and esty pages.  They are cute but rather pricey! So today I am going to show you how to make your very own for under $1.00.  At my daughters 7th birthday party we let the girls make these and take them home.  They had a blast, it as a stylish and “thrifty” party favor!

DIY Flower hair Clips for under a dollar1

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To make these you will need ( got most the supplies at my local dollar store)

  • Hair clips (came 15 in a package for $1)
  • Stretchy Head Bands (came 6 in a package for $1)
  • Flowers on the stem, but pull them off ( each stem was $1 and gave me 10-30 flower pieces depending on the stem) Make sure you buy a few different sizes and colors.
  • Brads or paper fasteners ( get them at a craft store or office supple store… a few cents each)

DIY Flower hair Clips for under a dollar2

Start off by taking your flowers off the stem, then taking the green packing off and pulling the plastic flower middle out.

Now layer the flowers as you like… you can add as many as you want.  I like to add 5-7 on each, start with the biggest and work you way down to the smallest.

DIY Flower hair Clips for under a dollar4

Take your brad and poke it into the hole in each of the flowers.

DIY Flower hair Clips for under a dollar5

Once you get it threw all the flowers, attach it to the flower clip by spreading the legs apart ( as seen in photo).

DIY Flower hair Clips for under a dollar6

You can now wear it as a clip, or attach it to a stretchy head band.

DIY Flower hair Clips for under a dollar7

You can also take these apart and mix and match them as needed to match your different outfits!

Hope you enjoy these… share this with all your thrifty friends!

They make great gifts for friends or nieces!

DIY Flower hair Clips for under a dollar8


  1. This would be a fun thing to make with my daughter. She loves doing crafts with me and she decided she wants to start her own craft making/selling business. 🙂 My little entrepreneur.

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