DIY~ Memory Making Christmas Decoration

Steps to doMy Sweet Husband works out of  state.  
We decided to make him a Christmas Memory Decoration to display at his office.


Supplies can be changed to a “Painters Canvas” or a large Christmas card.
I personally used foam core from the Dollar Store.

sketch of the proto typeDirections:  If you are using Foam Core.  

1.  Cut out the size you desire.  

(Double check that your foot and words will fit on the size you are going to cut out.) 
2. Sketch the line for the foot to hang from and the word MISTLETOE.

the feet3.  Paint your child’s foot with GREEN tole paint.  My child giggled the entire time.  
4.  Press the foot on the foam core and DO NOT leave too long.
foot placement
5.  You will need to be by a sink to wash off the first foot.
6.  Apply paint to the 2nd foot and press on to the foam core.

pretty stuff..7.  I used RED and YELLOW puff paint to decorate.  I chose puff paint because of the fine tip.  Just be careful not to squeeze to hard, or there will be a big glob.  I like to practice on a piece of paper first.
8.  I free handed bows and ribbons with RED puff paint.
9.  I traced over the MISTLETOE word with RED puff paint.
10.  I took YELLOW puff paint to make circles all over the canvas.  I did half circles and full circles. 

final piece

 My daughter was so HAPPY to share this with her dad in a care package.
  I thought it was a great way to save our daughters foot size in a memory.
This ideas was found  on Laugh It’s Free Facebook page.





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