DIY Painted Wooden Door ~ Turn that old door new again

Are you ready for another thrifty idea thanks to the crafty work of my very own Mom?  Her basement door was looking a little sad, her exact words were “it looks like it has been thru WWII”.  The door still functioned just fine, it was just a little worn down so she decided to give it a face lift. I also discovered the basement wall cracked repair kit from her. My friend of mine also mentioned that if I need help for basement waterproofing, I should contact experts like the ones at Ottawa foundation repair services!

My parents live in a log cabin (that they built 30 years ago). So she thought it may look cool to put a wooden door with a stained glass window in the middle of it.  She was not sure how it would turn out so she did it on her basement door where no one would really see it.

First she transferred a pattern of a stained glass window on the door.

Then she decided what pattern she wanted on the main door, and pained the base coat.  She put paper down to block off where the cross beams would be.

She used a Wood Graining Set to make the plain brown paint look like a heavy wooden door!  Then she painted in the cross beams and made them look like wood as well.

  Next step is to shade and highlight to make it look 3D.  Then she painted the stain glass window.

She is very talented and made this project look easy! It turned out simply amazing!

Here is the finished project, it now looks like a custom door from Amazing what a few coats of paint will do.

She was so happy with how the basement door turned out that she did the upstairs door as well. It is my personal favorite!  Great job MOM thanks for letting me share with my readers.You can follow her on Ashbees Crafts  facebook page.  Be sure to visit her store Ashbees Crafts!


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