DIY Photo booth ~ Family reunion or Teen party idea

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Photo booths are such a fun and easy way to celebrate at a party. My daughter turned 13 and wanted to do something fun, but wasn’t sure what that would be that didn’t feel “babyish”. A photo booth was a great way for the girls to have fun and let out their inner top model while they snapped photos. While cell phones aren’t my favorite thing at a party (I want them to be with the ones that are there and not focused on their phone) they came in handy so that I didn’t have to play photographer all night. Which, I am sure also helped some of the girls feel more free to be goofy without me standing over them all night.

All you need is a white sheet and some streamers for the backdrop. Hang in a well lit area. This is hard if the party is at night, but just find a spot where you can either move some lamps over, or where you have an overhead light.

We tacked our sheet to the wall being sure to hang it high enough that it wouldn’t show for the taller girls. We hung it at the height of the doors. Take your streamers and tape them at the top of the sheet, where the edges are above. Once you have the steamers the way you want, take one more and tape it over those raw edges so that they are covered.

diy photo booth, party ideas, tween party, thrity party ideas, teen party

All you need are some fun props (super easy to make) and you are all set to get snapping your guests having fun at your next party.

diy photo booth, thrity party ideas, party ideas, teen party