DIY Photo booth props ~ Low Cost Party Or Family Reunion Ideas

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You guys, you will not believe how thrifty a photo booth is to have at a party. You don’t need a professional photographer, or some intense backdrop. With a diy backdrop, some cardstock and skewer sticks, you can make your own photo booth that the guests are going to have a blast with.

*If you are using skewers, you may want to cut the sharp end off of them to make sure no one gets hurt.

You will need




hot glue gun

It is so easy to cut out some fun shapes. I used my Silhouette craft cutter that I love. But it isn’t necessary. You can find some shapes online, many people have free photo booth props if you google it. Or make your own shape ideas. If you really want the ease of the Silhouette shapes, their software is free to use, you can print the shapes out instead of cutting them on the machine. Another great option is to search the shapes you are looking for on google and print a outline to trace on the cardstock.

Once you have them cut, hot glue them onto your skewer so that they can be held for a photo. So much fun, right?

diy photo booth accessories, thrifty party ideas, easy party ideas, diy

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