DIY Seed Tape for Gardens~ Garden Tips

Thanks to  Tales of a Domestica  for this  saving money garden tip on how to make your own seed tape.

Planting small seeds can be tricky. I am terrible at thinning my veggies once they get growing. I hate to throw out a good thing…. But if you don’t thin the seeds you won’t get a good product. That I know all too well!  So to eliminate the need for thinning the little seeds I made these seed tapes.

 Cut your toilet paper the length of the garden row.  Fold it in half and cut it down the middle to make 2 long skinny rows.

 In a small bowl mix one part flour to one part water.

Use a paint brush to put a dot of paste (flour water mixture) the distance recommended on the seed package. Each seed is different so read carefully. Drop 1-2 seeds per paste drop, fold and seal with paste, roll up for storage.  Roll out the seed tape in your garden row , and cover with dirt!


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