DIY~Coffee Filter Snow Flakes ~ SNOW DAY Fun for Kids…

Snowflake 1st photo Did any of you have a SNOW DAY this week. I know it is February and most of us are SICK of the snow… but these are still pretty and fun to make.  

plan coffee filter 2nd photo

Super Simple and fun Coffee Filter Snowflakes!

The Filter is already a circle.
All you have to do is first smooth out the filter.

coffee filter in half 3rd photoFold it in half, then fold it again….
2nd fold 4th photoAnd a third time as well…. great project for kids and motor skills!
5th.  Fold of coffee filter

Draw where you want to cut, then cut out the darkened areas with a pair of scissors.
7th. cut outThis idea came from a friend.  Super easy and fun!

Last one.. Snow flake all alone


  1. What makes them even more fun is to paint them with watercolors. Let them dry then cut them. The watercolors give them a tye-dye look.

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