Do I ever buy things I do not need?

Before sales or coupons this would have cost $35.08

I was able to get it all for $7.11 plus $1.09 tax = $8.20

I am often asked if I buy things with coupons that I do not really need?  The answer to that is yes…. here is a perfect example.

Now I did not need to buy the soda….it is not something my family buys on a normal basis.  BUT it was such a great price and when I bought it I also got FREE ground beef…..which is what I really wanted.  So yes I bought soda that I do not need…in order to get the FREE beef that my family did need.  I told you about this deal at my local Albertsons here.

Here is how the deal worked

  • Buy 6 bottles of soda $1.99 each on sale for only .87 each when buy in sets of 3
  • 6 bottles of soda cost $5.22 plus tax
  • Used 2 coupon for $1.00 off 3 bottles
  • Final price $3.22 plus tax for 6 bottles of soda
  • BUT the deal got even better…
  • for every 2 bottles of sodaI bought I got $1.00 in free grilling meat

I also bought 3 avacados for .49 cents each.

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