Do not use these coupons

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Thanks to one of my readers for passing this info along.  If you come across one of these coupons PLEASE DO NOT USE IT!


I just thought this might be worth passing on, because I am worried that honest couponers are going to get a bad name because of a few dishonest people. My mom is the office manager for local chain of grocery stores (she did not want me to mention which one) and today they received a call from there coupon clearing house and there are fraudulent coupons circulating for free Reynolds Tinfoil and for a Free Big block of Velveeta cheese.  These coupons look real and they even scan.  One of the stores I am referring to is in Nampa.  One lady came in yesterday and redeemed both coupons, only to go home and find out from the web that they were fraudulent.  She was very honest and returned to the store today and gave the products back. She felt terrible. But this incident is making this specific company rethink their policy on taking Internet printable coupons.  I really don’t want to see this happen.. I don’t know if you would want to blog about this specifically.  May be, just a heads up that those specific coupons are out there and to please not use them.  I figured your blog reaches MANY people and could possibly help curb this a bit.  Thank you so much for all you do.

For a list of coupons that have been proven to be fradulant, click here.

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