Do you know your credit score? Keep track each month ~ FREE!!!

I have been staying on top of my credit by using Credit Sesame, best part is it is FREE!!!

It feels empowering to KNOW what my score is, instead of wondering each month.

Six easy steps to what I needed to get started:

  • My full name
  • email address (so you can confirm your FREE membership)
  • my address
  • my SSN (you are checking your credit here, so yes it is necessary)
  • answered some questions…
  • Bam, I found out my own credit score and create a plan to pay down my major debt!!! Easy peezy!

Did you know that the recent FTC study found that over 20% of Americans or 40 Million credit reports have reporting errors that are costing consumers money in credit card interest rates and loans? Start your spring cleaning by making sure that your credit report does not contain erroneous information that could be impacting your credit score. Keep tabs on your credit report activities and your score by signing up for free credit monitoring and score services like Credit Sesame, so that you can easily protect your financial good standing.

  • Receive daily credit monitoring alerts
  • Get your FREE Credit Score Monthly
  • Limit ID Theft Damage
  • Find Potential Errors Sooner
  • Get Access to Better Loans and Save Money


  1. Credit Sesame & Credit Karma are decent free credit report services, but don’t get fooled into thinking the score you get is the same number lenders and credit card companies are seeing when they approve you for credit.  There’s a ton of free credit score companies out there (I’m sure you’ve all seen the pirate hat guys), but make sure you know exactly what you’re getting, especially if you sign up for one of the paid services.  A good review of these paid credit report sites can be found here.  If you just want to get a general look at your report and a ballpark score, then CS and CK are the way to go for sure.

  2. Has any other reader been asked for a credit card to charge them??
    I honestly don’t recall it asking for my credit card to charge me. I want to say that I entered it in because it monitors that in my credit report as well as my mortgage. I did this at the end of May and don’t recall every question that I answered. I did keep track of each of the steps that I took so that I could share that information with all of you. I do apologize.

  3. So how do you get passed the put in your credit card info, I looked all over for a next button or a no thanks, continue with free, this would be so helpful for us if we could get it for free, so all help is greatly appreciated.. it started with name ,address, phone number, social security #, asked questions, then needed credit card info..

  4. NO!!! Haven’t had a charge in over 2months from them. It is totally FREE!!! Correction I have had this since the end of May and no charges…. ~ Ingard

  5. It asked for a credit card and said it would automatically charge your card.. ????

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