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Do you want coupon inserts but don’t want to dumpster dive like in the Extreme Couponing show on TLC? If you are new to couponing I would recommend reading Extreme Couponing 101

Many national readers have asked how to get the Thrifty Mom Newspaper Deal. Here is a great resource for our readers nation wide to save up to 75% off your newspaper subscriptions. If they don’t have a discount available then you can get up to 4 weeks free!

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Since we have had so many new readers the last few weeks I wanted to bring to your attention one of the best 2 ways to get coupon Inserts. We personally get both sets of papers:

Idaho Press Tribune :

For only $12 per month, couponers will receive 5 Sunday papers and a daily paper on Monday through Saturday.

For $13.50, subscribers will receive 6 Sunday papers and a daily paper on Monday through Saturday.

This fantastic deal lasts for 6 months.

To sign up, you can call Greg Roesberry at 870-2784.

Tell him you want the A Thrifty Mom special!

Also, if you currently get 3 extra Sunday Press-Tribunes call customer service today at 467-9252. They will up you to four extra Sunday papers and reduce your rate.

If you already get 5 extra Sunday Press Tribunes your rate just dropped too. It’s now $7.50 per month for the extras and there is no need to call as it will automatically adjust to the new rate.


The Idaho Statesman:

You will get ;

(1) 7-day subscription

(4) Sunday Only subscriptions

For a total of 5 Sunday papers ( those are the ones with with coupons in them)


All home delivered for a total of 5 Sunday papers for only $3.00 per week, or $12.00 per month (4 weeks) PLUS TAX. That means you will get 11 papers a week for $3.00, that is about .28 cents a paper. News stand price for one Sunday paper is $2.00 so this is a fantastic deal home delivered.


To start your subscription call 377-NEWS (6397) and ask for the “” special offer. Subscriptions need to be pre-paid and can be ordered in 13, 26 or 52 week increments. I would suggest you lock in this price for the 52 weeks, The price is locked for the term. When it expires you will move to the next best rate. So it is definitely beneficial to sign up for the 52 weeks and lock in the rate.

I am not sure how long they will run this offer so, get in while you can!

Now that is a Thrifty deal!


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