Does a pizza count as a blessing? Sure does!

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I have hinted the last few days that I have not been feeling well.  But what I have not told you is I am miserable!!!  I have been sick for almost 2 weeks, sore throat, runny nose, coughing so hard I throw up…… SICK.  But I never really take time “off”, I can function I just don’t feel well.  So it has been life as normal pluggin away at each day.  I finally went to the Doctor on Monday, got some antibiotics and thought for sure I would be feeling better by now…. nope crummy as ever.  I  have known I needed my tonsils out for a long time but never wanted to address the issue.  Well I think my body is finally telling me it is ready, so I have an appointment with an ENT Doctor next week.

Anyway the reason I tell you all this is because I am feeling rather worn down, (but hello I would never tell anyone that… well I guess I just did).  Instead I just keep pluggin along as normal.  Well today the door bell rings…. my first thought was “Crud who is that… I look awful, like scary awful”.  I open the door to see my friends  husband standing there with a smile on his face holding a pizza.  He handed it over and told me to feel better soon.  Now this friend just had a baby a few weeks ago, so I should be the one helping her.  But she instead in the simple gesture of giving me a pizza blessed my life ….   gave me that warm fuzzy feeling.  The courage to keep pluggin along and that someone cares!  I try hard to always be giving to others, so it is hard for me to be on the receiving end some times.  You just never know what a difference the kindness of others can make.

Thanks again to “my friend” you made my day!
I am so blessed to have supportive friends and family in my life!

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