It’s Matt,

I always feel so terrible when a hardship takes place. When I was young and I lived in Charlotte North Carolina, and Hurricane Hugo came through. The very next day I left with my church group to go cut trees and clean up in Charleston South Carolina, who got hit harder, although our neighborhood had 6 twisters.

When Hurricane Katrina hit, my brother and I tried to sign up to go down to help with the Red Cross, but was too difficult to determine if we could stay together as family in a area of civil unrest.

I see organizations that are very well know who accept donations for aid, get hit with corruption and money management problems.

I see people who take advantage of people trying to donate to a good cause. People who say they are a certain organizations, take your money and run away with good money meant for people who are in need.

I state these thing only to voice my concern and I pray as you find ways to help to make sure you know who you donate to. Make sure that the money you donate is able to be used most efficiently, and not only a small fraction sent to those in need and not lining the pockets of administration.

The company Kolcraft who we have worked with before sent us this email:

I wanted to let you know about a silent auction Kolcraft is hosting on our Facebook page to help children in Haiti.  We are partnering with the charity KIDS who has a relief fund for Haitian children who are affected by the earthquake. We couldn’t just sit & watch all these images of devastation on TV & not do something so we rolled up our corporate sleeves & decided to do a silent auction. The silent auction features products from our Contours line & all proceeds will go to the KIDS relief fund. It runs just like a silent auction but instead of writing the bid amounts on paper, people post the bid as a comment under our Facebook wall post of the item. Click here

There are many places to donate to. Do what you feel comfortable.

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