Don’t buy things with a coupon you will not use (most the time)

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Before sale price or coupons this would have cost $6.36

I was able to get for FREE just paid .24 tax (.6 for each purchase)

But I got back $4 in register reward, making this a $3.76 money maker

One thing I teach in my coupon classes is to NOT buy something just because it has a coupon or just because it is free.  When I talk to people that “use to” coupon they often tell me they quit because they found they were buying products just because they had a coupon and where a good deal.  Many of these foods they did not really want in there home so they quit couponing.

Well this week I broke one of my own rules…. Starbucks Refreshers are free with coupon, but also turn into a money maker after register reward.  I do not drink coffee or tea so there is no reason for me to buy them.  BUT I plan to donate them to the food bank.  I can then use the $1.00 RR towards other things my family needs.  Making this a worth while item to purchase even though I will not use them myself.

Before you shop make sure you check out the FULL list of Wagreens Coupons Deals

Starbucks Refreshers Beverage – get back a $.99 register reward

  • Final price: FREE = Money Maker after RR

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