Don’t Eat the Hero – Superhero Version of Don’t Eat Pete, Free Printable!

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Don’t Eat the Hero – Superhero Version of Don’t Eat Pete, Free Printable!

Have you ever played the game “Don’t Eat Pete”? Are you throwing a superhero party? Well, now you can have both of those at the same time with this awesome free printable we put together for you!  All you need to do, is print it off, glue to card stock if you want to add some support to the thin paper, or print it on cardstock, and small candy to use on the squares (think skittles, mike and ikes, smarties).

If you haven’t played Don’t Eat Pete, here is how you play. Players gather around the board in a circle. Place a piece of candy on each square on the board. The first player turns around so they can’t see the board while another player picks a square.  Do this quietly, by just pointing to avoid the turned player from hearing. Once a square has been selected, the player will turn around and begin taking a piece of candy off each square. They can put it right in their mouths, or hold them to eat later. When they select the square that was chosen, the other players yell “Don’t eat Pete!” or in this case, “Don’t eat (whichever hero you choose).”

So here is your printable. I wouldn’t recommend going any bigger then a sheet of paper with this one as it will begin to be grainy.

To print, click on the image below and save it to your computer. You can then print it from there. Enjoy!

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