Don’t forget to sign up for your Bountiful Basket


Why is my basket empty this week……Well I have to admit I forgot to sign up last week, so I missed out on Saturdays basket.  Did any of you get it?  What was in it?

If you want to participate in this weeks basket you will need to  sign up tonight.  It opens Monday at 8pm and will close at 11 pm Tuesday . The spots will fill up quickly so don’t wait. Their website is . To learn more click here.  Remember this is not just a local deal they have 100’s of locations in many states. Be sure to see if there is one in your area.

Thanks to Rachel for passing this info along….I got a FB message from Hannah, the Caldwell coordinator.

“All those who love Bountiful Baskets can you please help spread the word about it. We have been training a lady to open a site in Nampa in a few weeks. This will probably take a lot of our Boise/Meridian people from our site. The more baskets you sell at a site- the great the amount of produce you have each week (simply because you have more people paying into your pool to purchase with). I would hate for us to start getting smaller baskets when the other sites start opening up. So please help spread the work through Caldwell! Thanks”

Thought it would be good to pass on!

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