Doona Infant Car Seat ~ Carseat with WHEELS that turns into a stroller (This is AMAZING)

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Doona Infant Car Seat

doona carseat stroller combo, carseat that turns into a stroller, Baby gift ideasHave you seen this Doona Infant Car Seat ….. Where has this been with my past 5 kids?  Who ever invented this is BRILLIANT!!! It is a carseat that turns into a stroller… two in one combo!  My chubby 7 month old is almost 20 lbs and lugging her around is NOT EASY on my back, this would be a life saver.  It is new to the market so the price is still higher than I would like to pay… but the fact that it is a two in one combo makes it VERY temping.   What do you think of the Doona Infant Car Seat?

How do you describe a Doona? It’s not quite a travel system, it’s not quite a stroller, and it’s a little bit of each. The Doona is an infant car seat with integrated wheels, enabling you to click your car seat out of your car, pop out the wheels, and stroll comfortably to your next destination. It’s a whole new kind of baby mobility! The Doona Infant Car Seat will accommodate even the tiniest infants, starting at 4 pounds, and will hold children weighing up to 35 pounds, or up to 32″ long. The seat itself will weigh about 12 pounds, and will be certified for air travel, making traveling through the airport easier than ever: instead of checking your stroller and carrying your car seat onto the plane, you can simply roll it right on, fold the wheels away, and install it right in the airplane seat!

If the video above does not play, you can watch it here.