Dr Pepper deal at Albertsons!!!!

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Update*** I just got word that the Dr Pepper deal had been pulled in Utah and other areas, but as of now is still going on in Idaho.  But they have been asked to have a STRICK 8 12 pack PER DAY LIMIT. I have to say I think this is very generous of them. SO go ahead and get your 8 a day but please so not bend the rules or they will pull it from Idaho as well.

Reader Update from Darlene.…The Nampa Albs on 12th has a huge stack of Dr. Pepper just inside the door.  On that stack is a typed note saying the Dr. Pepper isn’t part of the B1G1 free promo any longer.

I was able to do the B1G1 transaction earlier today & the cat printed.  However, if they are updating the computer prices tonight, then this could be just the cat printing by tomorrow.

dr pepper

I just got this email from the Manager at Albertsons,

Just to let you know that when you buy 4 – 12 packs of Dr. Pepper it comes out to $10.58 plus tax and then you get a $10 off your next order Catalina.  This can be used on your next 4 and it would only make it .58 + tax.   Then you get another $10 Catalina.

The store is out but he should be getting another shipment tomorrow sometime.

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