Dream a Little Dream

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Falling in Love with your Family by Alison

In a Nutshell: Capture some of that childhood enthusiasm and dream!

Do you ever have a song that stays in your head for days?  It is especially annoying to me when I only know one line and just keep singing it over and over again.  The song that has been on auto-play mode in my mind is an old 1931 song that shows up on dozens of albums, “Dream a little Dream.”   I guess if something has to be stuck in my head, the reminder to keep dreaming is a pretty good message to feed my neurons.

Most children are natural dreamers.  They are alive with conversations about what they will do when they are the president, where they’ll go exploring, and how much fun it will be to swim with dolphins.  They want to marry royalty, walk on the moon, and play in a rock band.  I love to watch the face of a child when he is describing his dreams.  There is something magical in that kind of enthusiasm.  But if you ask adults what their dreams are, chances are you’d get a response like, “Don’t get fired from my job,”  “Find time to get out of my PJ’s before dinnertime,” or ” Try to stay sane.”  What happened to the dreams?  If life feels a little drab, or the short days and grey skies of autumn have you feeling a little down, there is nothing like “dreaming a little dream” to lift your spirit and give direction to your days.

Dreams are cousins to goals, but they are something more.  A goal might be to catch up on laundry, lose 10 pounds, or send out Christmas cards before Valentines Day.  They are good and helpful, but you don’t necessarily get a twinkle in your eye when you talk about them.  Dreams are things that ignite your passion and make you smile even thinking about them.  They are full of us–who we are inside, even as we go about doing dishes and paying bills.

If you’ve lost sight of some of your dreams, take a minute to let yourself think big.  What does your ideal family look like?  Is there an instrument you always wanted to learn?  What talent do you admire in others?  What problems in society have you always wanted to do something about?  Do you have a weakness that you’ve wanted to overcome?  What are your physical goals and athletic aspirations?  What do you dream for your marriage?  Is there someplace you’ve always wanted to visit?  Is there something you’ve always wished you could do?

Having dreams and working to achieve them isn’t a selfish pursuit; it may even be mandatory for being a happy, successful parent.  It is powerful to model hard work and persistence for your children, and developing as a person, not just a parent, helps keep us from feeling like a martyr.  Marriages are also strengthened when you share a common dream, even if is a small one.  For me, dreaming together is one of the most romantic dates we have.  Dreams help us stay interesting to each other, and allow us to help and encourage each other.

If you need a pep talk, share your dream with a spouse or friend, or post it below and let the Thrifty Mom community cheer you on!  Write your dreams down and look at them often.  Make a plan today to get started, even if your dream may take some time.   The present looks so much brighter when there is a little dream tucked away in your pocket.  So go ahead, sign up for a marathon, research your degree options, pick up that guitar, write your book, design your bakery, save your pennies for Europe, and make a plan to save the world.  “Dream a little dream,” and be amazed at all you can do.      

What are your dreams?  Come on, Thrifty Mom readers, share!