Earn points and get FREEBIES from Allstate

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Thanks to Shopping Frugal for passing along this great info,

I missed out on this game last year but heard alot of people scored some great freebies! This year they have changed it around a little but you can still score some great stuff from shirts to BBQ’s. Each state has different rules on how many items you can get for free and how many points you can accumulate (FL is a limit of 2 and 2250 pts). You can check your point limit in the prize tent. You can cash in your points the 1st day or you can save them for a bigger prize. (BBQ 2250 pts) Contest runs till¬†Feb 1st 2010 so plenty of time to earn! Just make sure to sign in everyday and do the daily activities. When you sign up make sure you confirm your registration 1st. I didn’t get my email right away so after an hour waiting I emailed them. They let me know they were having issues and confirmed my email manually. If you don’t get a email with in a few minutes I would go ahead and contact them (at bottom of site)
Sign up here: bergwood.net (sponsored by All State)

How to earn points:
What to do to get points~Point Accumulation~Limits

  • Register on Site~21~Once per season
  • Use FB Connect ~14~Once per season
  • Opt-in~(newsletter)~21~Once per season
  • Click Get a Quote~49~Once per season
  • Search Agent Finder~21~Once per season
  • RivalrE-Card~3~1 card per day
  • Bergroll~3~1 per day
  • Bobble-a-Buddy~3~1 per day
  • RivalrE-Call ~3~1 per day~10 per season
  • Tailgate Freakout~3~1 per day
  • Tailgate Tour Schedule~7~Once per season
    Nets Schools~7~Once per season
  • Meat Ping~3~1 per day
  • Kazoo Hero~3~1 per day
  • Meat Bags~3~1 per day

You can score a total of 164 points the 1st day. You then can score 24 points a day for the next 9 days. After the 9 days you can score 21 points a day till the end! If you start 09/04 you can score enough points for a BBQ by December 3rd if you do it everyday.

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