Easy Bake Oven for $8 Great Christmas Gift!!!


Thanks to Hanna for passing along this thrifty deal,

I just wanted to let you guys know about this deal i found so that you could pass it along….At walmart they have the Easy bake oven on roll back for $18, if you use the manufactures coupon for $5 off, (not sure which insert but it expires tomorrow so hurry) it makes it only $13 dollars!!! But the deal gets even better, in todays paper there was a toy coupon book from target which had a coupon for $5 off an Easy Bake Oven……you can use this coupon at walmart along with the manufactures coupon which makes it $8 dollars for an Easy Bake Oven which¬†regular price at Walmart is $28… Great price for a good christmas present or even as an item to donate to a toy drive.¬† But remember, the manufactures coupon expires tomorrow so if you want to get this deal you’d better hurry.

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