Easy Candy Bouquet #DIY Fathers Day GIft Idea

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Easy Candy Bouquet

If you are still looking for a fun, thrifty gift idea for Father’s day, you are in luck!  This takes just a few minutes, few supplies, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to the Dad in your life’s face! Even better is that it can be completely personalized to fit your Dad’s tastes.

You will need:

Candy bars (I used 9 for a small bouquet, but use more if you want it larger)


Hot glue and gun

Something to sit your bouquet in (Think mason jar, small bucket, even a special mug or something he can use later on)

Floral foam (got mine from the dollar store)

Small candies, marbles or beans, something to cover your floral foam

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Begin by plugging in your hot glue gun.  You don’t need a lot and you don’t want to melt your chocolate, so use small amounts.  If your candy has a flap on the back, put a thin layer of hot glue there and stick  your skewer in the glue.  Then fold the flap back over so that your skewer is hidden.  If your candy has no flap, just glue the skewer to the back.  Be sure the pointed side is down so it can hook into your floral foam.

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Once your candy is all glued, cut your floral foam to the size to fit your vase, or container you will be putting it in.  Put it in first, and then add the candy bars by stabbing the pointed side into the floral foam.  The foam gets a little powdery and the skewer leaves holes, so you don’t want to have to pull it out a lot if you can avoid it.

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Once you have your candy bars where you want them, take your loose candy, beans or marbles and pour them in to cover the floral foam.

Now you are free to decorate your container with ribbon, washi tape to dress it up.  Since this is for my husband, I chose to go simple since I knew he wouldn’t appreciate the ribbon as much as a female may have.

This is what we are doing for Father’s day, but it could be a great gift for graduation, teacher’s appreciation week, Mother’s day, or any other occasion really!

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  1. These are some great birthday present ideas. I love getting people gifts and I try to be creative when picking out stuff. The holiday season is soon approaching .

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  2. I bet any dad would love getting all of this candy on Sunday! Food bouquets are fun because it adds a creative element to a traditional gift. You may also want to consider making a cupcake bouquet for Father’s Day.

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