Easy, Snowman Ornament ~ Christmas DIY Crafts for kids

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Easy, Snowman Ornament

It is holiday season again!  Time to think about decking the halls and spreading the joy.  I love snowmen.  All things snowmen.  Not only do they work for Christmas decorating, but all winter season!

Here is a quick snowman ornament that you can make for your own tree, or as a quick yet meaningful gift for teachers, friends, anyone on your list.

You will need

Wooden, craft, thread spools.  I bought a package similar to this one here

White craft paint

strip of fabric, any color about an inch thick by  12 inches.  Mine is white with gold polka dots, scrap that I had but love!

black paint marker

orange paint or paint marker

Tiny plastic hat. Like these here. Aren’t they adorable!

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Begin by painting your wood spools white.  Do the sides first and then after that is dry, do the ends.

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Once the white paint is dry, you can begin threading your fabric through.  I rolled my fabric up as skinny as I could and worked it through the first hole.  Once it was through, I tied a knot on each end.  You should have fabric left over, just trim it off.

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Do this for all 3 spools.  Once they are all on the fabric and knots are tied at each end, hot glue your tiny hat to the top.

easy snowman ornament,  #christmasornament, #thriftychristmas, #easyornament, #smowman, #diyornament,  #thriftychristmascrafts, #snowman ornament,#christmascraft

Draw on your face and buttons.  Let that dry.  Once it is dry you can rip a small piece of fabric off of your remnant, or another coordinating fabric if you would like.  I tied them around the knot between the top two spools for the scarf.  I also took a small amount and tied it around the hat to give it a decorative trim.  This makes him cute, but also gives a spot for a hook to be hung on the back for easy hanging on the tree.

There you have it!  Wouldn’t these be a great craft for kids to make?  Would be a great activity for a class Christmas party even, for the kids to gift to their parents.  So many options really!

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