Easy, Thrifty Lego Storage #Lego #Organization #DIY

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Easy, Thrifty Lego Storage

It started out innocently enough, kids love legos, so a bucket of them seemed like the perfect gift idea.  Then they requested sets for other holidays and birthdays.  Before I knew it we had a small tote full.  So full that rummaging through them was next to impossible and playing with them was a chore instead of a creative, fun time!

organizing legos, #legos,#springcleaning, #organizing, #organizinglegos, #legostorage, #thriftyhouseholdtips

I researched different ways to store them, and while I loved some of them, they weren’t practical or thrifty!  I decided on plan b; get some empty plastic shoe boxes and let each color have it’s own box.  So far it has worked great!  All 3 of my kids have spent a couple of hours on the floor creating various masterpieces.  So much better than asking to watch tv or play a video game!

organizing legos,#legos, #springcleaning, #organizing, #organizinglegos, #legostorage, #thriftyhouseholdtips

I started with 10 boxes to be safe.  I had one for each color.  As I finished organizing them, I discovered that there weren’t enough of some of the colors to need their own box.  I ended up mixing the blue and purple and the yellow, red and orange.  Apparently we have an over abundance of grey and we may have to divide it in half (thanks to the obsession for the Star Wars sets).

organizing legos, #springcleaning, #legos,#organizing, #organizinglegos, #legostorage, #thriftyhouseholdtips

I admit that I enjoyed it at first, I have a thing for organizing and with a family haven’t been able to keep things the way I would’ve in the past.  So this gave me a chance to rekindle that obsession, hobby.  If you don’t enjoy that type of thing, or even if you do, what a great way to spend some time with your kids while you let them help divide the colors into their boxes!  Finish up by labeling your boxes so that they are easy to see which one you need.  I cut labels out of vinyl in a Lego brix font I believe I got from dafont.com.  You could easily do it in different colors of vinyl to match the color in the box, or even in the coordinating color of permanent marker.

organizing legos, #legos, #springcleaning, #organizing, #organizinglegos, #legostorage, #thriftyhouseholdtips

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  1. I also store my son’s legos in shoeboxes. He likes to keep them together as the original play set, so I just label them with the name of the set. I like your idea of sorting them by color, though.

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